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Moving On? Let us help you make the right choice to stay in control of your separation.

6th December 2018 by Moving On? Let us help you make the right choice to stay in control of your separation.

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The decision to separate can be very difficult and stressful, even for those couples who resolved long ago that their relationship is over, taking the first step can still feel like opening a door to an unknown future, raising questions that generate fear and insecurity.

Where will I live? When will I see my children? How can I afford to pay my bills? Will I be left with nothing? Will my children be turned against me?  How will I cope on my own?….

Taking control is your first step toward addressing and conquering these fears.

This doesn’t mean making threats or getting one over on each other, creating a cycle of unease and conflict which will prevent you both from moving forward.  Instead, this means deciding to attack the problem rather than each other, and making a decision to do that through a route which works for you, to create positive progress.

Knowing you have a choice, and making an informed decision about which process is best for you is a valuable tool in managing the process of separation.

At Laceys we are proud to offer our clients a full range of services, from mediation through to other dispute resolution options, allowing them to decide how this emotionally challenging time in their life is handled.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Family Mediation – a process which enables you both the opportunity to work together and explore your options regarding the children and/or finances in a neutral and controlled setting with one of our experienced lawyer mediators.  Mediation allows you to make the decisions about your future in cost effective and timely manner, rather than taking the risk of lengthy and expensive court proceedings where the outcome is largely unknown.
  • Legal Advice and Representation in Court – our experienced family lawyers can offer you individual advice and represent you in all manner of family proceedings, as well as represent your interests in negotiations with your ex partner or their solicitor.
  • Collaborative Law – a process where you both instruct a solicitor but with a commitment to all work towards an agreeable solution and commit to not making a court application.
  • Funding – Our charges are competitive and funding options are varied – our team are happy to discuss these with you on a case by case basis.  Legal Aid is available for mediation cases where at least one of you has a low income and this funding can benefit you both.  Legal aid may also available for legal advice and representation if your situation involves domestic abuse or child protection issues.

If you would like any further advice on family matters please contact either our Mediation department on 01202 721822 or or our family department on 01202 755980 or

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