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Collaborative Law allows you to be in control – rather than dealing through your solicitors, you work with them, to reach the best solutions for you and your family. You and your former partner, with the help of solicitors, sit down together in the same room, face to face, and reach a mutual agreement, particularly over property and financial issues. This allows you to have expert legal advice without the threat of court action plus it can be done on your own schedule.

Over all other processes available, the Collaborative process has been independently proven to give participants the greatest levels of satisfaction with the results. However, for the process to work each party needs to have a genuine commitment to reach an agreement that is fair to the whole family without going to court as well as a willingness to disclose, fully and honestly, information about all their assets.

Before couples can engage in a Collaborative process they need to independently appoint a Collaboratively trained lawyer who will assess their capacity to engage successfully in the process, which is where we can help.

If we feel this process will work for you, we will conduct a series of round table meetings that include both parties with their respective lawyers negotiating the settlement in an open and constructive manner. Other independent and impartial advisers who are familiar with the collaborative process may be required if and when that support is needed, for example arrangements for children through a family consultant or particular aspects of property that can be dealt with by financial adviser.  All these professionals will collectively make up your ‘collaborative team’.

We ensure we interpret each parties objectives are and keep our clients forward focussed. We also understand skills in negotiating include being able to identify which options are likely to meet both parties needs and that the best solution may in fact be suggested by the other lawyer.

Once the essential agreement has been reached the lawyers will frame this in the terms of an order that can be made by a court to bind them for the future. This provides assurance for the future and allows each party to go their own separate ways having taken responsibility for the working out of the ending of their relationship.

For further advice on the Collaborative process please contact one of the team today to see how we can help.

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Meet the Team

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Pete Johnson

Associate — Family

Direct dial: 01202 307867
Switchboard: 01202 743286


Pete is very experienced in his field having been admitted as a solicitor to carry out legal work in relation to Litigation, Family, Housing & Personal  Injury in 1970.

Pete carries out Legal Aid litigation work relating to Housing, Family and Care proceedings on behalf of Laceys who have been granted a Legal Aid housing franchise. Pete also does private work in these areas.

Pete enjoys Court work, with the aim to settle cases as efficiently and economically for the client as possible.

Outside of work, Pete is married with 3 adult sons. He also enjoys reading, walking and following Rugby Union.

Jonathan Talbot

Partner — Family

Direct dial: 01202 755990
Switchboard: 01202 755980


Jonathan heads up Laceys family department with over 30 years experience in Family Law.

He specialises in Family and Relationship Breakdowns, Financial Remedies, Collaborative Law and International Family Law.

Jonathan has a exceptional caring nature and will always strive to find solutions to family issues outside of the court if at all possible.

Outside of work Jonathan likes to keep himself busy by competing in Ironman 70.3’s when he gets the chance – which are no easy feat at having to complete a 1.2 mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and then a 13.1 mile run each race!

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